Truskavets, Modrychi
Drohobych district
Lviv Region

Facial esthetics

Everyone is well aware that the beautiful, clean and well-groomed face is the key to success in many areas.

Entrust the care of your beauty to the professionals from "Vernygora» SPA saloon - the best health center of Truskavets. This course was developed cosmetic procedures that will give your skin youth and health. Specialists of our SPA saloon carefully chose components to create treatments that effectively solve the problem of excessive dryness, oily skin, help to smooth wrinkles, elasticity and help restore skin elasticity. Do not put it off, magical rituals of beauty and harmony are able to cancel aging!

The following facials are available:
• Care for dry and sensitive skin with rosacea
• Normalizing care for oily and combination skin
• Caring for oily skin with rashes
• PEAT THERMAL SPA FACE - medical care with peat
• BLACK OXYGEN MASK - anti-stress detox care
• REMINESSENCE - moisturizing skin with precious minerals
• Premium care with sea laminaria
• GYM MASSAGE - facial plastic surgery alternative
• SOYSOY FACE MASSAGE - non-surgical tightening facial
• ALL ABOUT EYES - rapid eye care with lifting effect
• The deep hydration massage