Truskavets, Modrychi
Drohobych district
Lviv Region

Body cosmetology

Take advantage of a great opportunity to combine rest and complete body care. For you, we have created a unique application built on the interaction of special massage techniques, alchemy of Tuscan oil, pepper, peat, Ayurvedic products: soybeans, rice and coffee, as well as algae that live on underwater cliffs of the Atlantic and the Channel. Try and see for yourself that it is possible to achieve perfection!

Correction SPA program
for you:
• SOYSOY TREATMENT - gommage-massage. Non-surgical skin tightening and lifting
• OLOIL MASSAGE - velvety skin care with olive oil and basil
• SEAWEED SYNERGY - cellulite therapy with sea mud and algae
• PEPPER - spa care with white clay and essential oil of pepper
• PEAT THERMAL SPA – detoxifying  wrap with peat

The highlight of our SPA is Thalassotherapy "Treatment of the sea" – this is what the term "thalassotherapy" means. This is a range of treatments for body using warm sea water, algae and mud. They help enrich the body with minerals and micro elements, increase skin tone and strengthen the immune system. All procedures take place on a special Thalas capsule (there are only a few of them in Ukraine). Every year more and more people are convinced of the effectiveness of thalassotherapy, because it works wonders and can bring back health, youth and excellent shape:
• Soft peeling with thermal oligo-elements scrub
• Intensive peeling salt scrub with aromatic oils
• The size reduction program with seaweed and sea mud
• Detoxifying  program with peat
• Anti-cellulite program with white clay

Use one of our Wellness-programs, and you will refuse to leave Vernygora! Each of these programs is based on the philosophy of harmony of the soul, body and mind. These programs are known in every corner of the world, because Wellness-programs are the most desired and most pleasant procedures, which in just a few hours can turn an ordinary day into a fairy tale. Feel the warm touch of chocolate throughout the body, synergy of essential oils and plant extracts, obey to the moments of magic associated with pleasant flavors and flames and touch, plunge into the world of emotions and real pleasure.
• CHOCOLATE MIRACLE - wrap with natural dark chocolate
• REMINESSENCE - precious spa care with minerals
• RITUAL CANDLE - magic massage aroma-candle
• STRESS REDUCING - relaxing anti-stress massage