Truskavets, Modrychi
Drohobych district
Lviv Region


We would like to welcome you to one of the best spa - centers of Truskavets to the world of relax and rest for your soul.

New and modern spa-centre ”Vernygora”, which offers to its visitors a set of cosmetic and treatment procedures will help to achieve rigorous physical and cordial revival!

To your disposal there is a beauty salon, swimming pool, health-spa manipulations, cosmetic face and body care, special anti-cellulite and weight-loss programs, three kinds of sauna (Finnish, Russian and infrared), as well as a set of programs for revitalizing and relaxation of your organism.

High quality components will have a positive impact on your general skin condition, make you cheerful and help you feel at the top of your vigour. Our staff will help you to choose proper and suitable for you individual program and make your stay in “Vernygora” not only useful but pleasant as well.