Truskavets, Modrychi
Drohobych district
Lviv Region


Have you ever heard about marvelous properties of treatment with ”salty fumes”. Firstly “salty” treatment was applied in the middle of the 19th century when one Polish doctor noticed that miners of the salty mine “Velychko” near Krakow do not have asthma disease at all.

Speleocamera or “salty room” is one of the methods of non - medicamental rehabilitation and treatment of respiratory organs. Concentration of salty particles in salty room, that have treatment effect, is created by a special device called halo generator. Result of its work is dry spray of natural salt (NaCl) the main treating factor of speleo and halo therapy.

At our resort you can undergo preventative and treating courses of bronchial asthma, pneumonia, arthritis and other sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, seasonal allergy and other diseases. As well rehabilitation in the salty room prevents colds of adults and children. Due to popularity of speleocamera of medical centre “Vernygora” we recommend you to arrange your visits to salty treatment procedures in advance.