Truskavets, Modrychi
Drohobych district
Lviv Region


Warmth can not only heat you but also treat!

Ozokeritotherapy is one of the most popular ways of heat treatment, where as heat agent is used especially cut natural mineral of oil origin called ozokerit.

Such sort of treatment with heat facilitates blood circulation, secretion of biological substances as well as deeply heats your organism, makes pain relieving and antibacterial action. As well it helps patients with injured ligaments, joints and muscles, diseases of nervous system and spinal marrow, diseases of skin as well as diseases of internal organs.

To reach the best results doctors of medical centre ”Vernygora” recommend to alternate ozokeritotherapy with ultrasound therapy, mineral baths, remedial (curative) gymnastics.

Ozokerite treatment is performed only after doctor`s prescription on unique for Truskavets special equipment.