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Would you like to try cold treatment? We do not mean winter swimming. Modern medicine created an alternative called “cryosauna”. It is a special capsule, filled with chilled air-nitrogen mixture, which is applied with therapeutic purposes, influencing on humans organism with extremely low temperatures from -120 degrees C to -180 degrees C

Cryotherapy (treatment with cold) for no more than for 3 minutes, person enters the cabin filled with cold steam of liquid nitrogen. With a temperature reaching -165 degrees C. The head and the neck of the patient must stay over the capsule of cryosauna. At any stage of the manipulation patient can leave the cabin without any assistance. In spite of incredibly low temperature in the camera patient feels only pleasant coolness. Sudden severe cold stimulates defensive powers of organism. Natural stimulation of immune system takes place. It facilitates revival of tissues, stabilization of hormone background, metabolism and increasing of life tonus. All these mechanisms are launched by your body itself inside, without any harm and side-effects!

As the procedure lasts briefly, only upper layer of skin chills, and temperature of internal organs stays unchanged. Cryotherapy course is 10-20 procedures.

  • Prevention of flu and colds, increase of immunity, treatment of chronic bronchitis including obstructive bronchial asthma, prevention of cardio-vascular diseases, strengthening of walls of vessels,
  • prevention of stresses and their consequences,
  • renovation of metabolism,
  • skin revival,
  • treatment of dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis,
  • Treatment of cellulites,
  • Treatment of rheumatism and rheumatic diseases of soft tissues, arthritis, artrosis, colagenosis and radiculitis.

Cryosauna perfectly strengthens your organism, normalizes metabolism and hormonal background, decreases feeling of cold. After several procedures exchange process of face skin improves. Cryotherapy has a positive impact on men’s and women’s health. Psychological effect from cryosauna is obvious as after just several procedures when depression and stress disappears, dream is improved as well as mood and general condition of the patient.