Truskavets, Modrychi
Drohobych district
Lviv Region

Medical Center

Truskavets is a famous balneological resort, where a rest is often associated with mineral waters in the local health - resorts and boarding houses.

However the health resort “Vernygora” is not limited with this “profile” direction. Here you will be under a professional care of the best doctors in Truskavets, who are specialized in prevention and treatment of a wide range of diseases. Directly in the resort in the medical centre “Vernygora” you will have a possibility to undergo a complete diagnostics of your organism, take physiotherapy course and balneology course, get man`s and woman`s consultation or arrange massage procedures (to your choice - 10 sorts of treatment and relaxation massages)

For you convenience the resort – complex ”Vernygora” has its own pump – a room with water from the healing sources of Truskavets - “Naphtusja”, ”Maria” and “Sofiya”. As it is clearly seen from the experience a combination of treatment manipulations with taking mineral waters gives the best results.

Our highly-qualified doctors developed treatment programs which have a positive impact on revival of your organism