Truskavets, Modrychi
Drohobych district
Lviv Region


  • Football field

    In our country, as well as throughout the world, people are fond of football. This is a game that is played by both adults and children, regardless of the activity and status.

    This game captures and attracts the attention of even those who can't play it but is happy to watch the game and cheer for their favorite team. For true connoisseurs of football it is important to be able to play on the high quality football field and play with professional footballs, to be able to change their clothes and to take a shower after the game.

    Vernygora - a great place to play football. Come and see!

    To rent a football field, please call: 
    +38 (032) 295-88-11, +38 (067) 675-61-83

  • Tennis court

    Tennis - one of the premium sports. Due to the game of tennis we train our reaction, ingenuity, determination, focus and increase our endurance. By visiting Vernygora you have an opportunity to play big and small court tennis. Big tennis is considered a game of aristocrats. This game has won the so many hearts of fans that it was included into the Olympic Summer Games.

    A table tennis is suitable for professionals and for those who has never played it before. The small size of the tennis court allows you to engage in energetic pastime almost anywhere.

    The rules are very simple and the game could easily attract anyone who has never played tennis before.

    To rent tennis court, please, call: 

    +38 (032) 295-88-11 +38 (067) 675-61-83

  • Bicycles

    Unique nature in the outskirts of Truskavets fascinates and lures you for a cycling walk.

    You do not need to take with you your two-wheeled friends as Vernygora offers you a bike - rent with a wide choice of modern mountain bikes, which are comfortable and pleasant to travel alone or with friends.

    Various cycling routes are available around “Vernygora” resort. These routes are suitable for young as well as for elderly resort visitors.

    When you are free from taking spa treatment, cycling is a wonderful chance to warm up, breathe healing air of spruce forest and charge yourself up with energy and beauty of Precarpathian Region.

  • Picnics

    We would like to invite you to a country weekend in Vernygora!

    Healing mountainous air, spectacular views of Precarpathian region, relaxing by camp-fire and preparing delicious barbecue on char grill. This place was carefully created so that you could have an excellent time with a company of your friends or a cozy weekend with your family.

    You do not need to waste your time and efforts searching convenient place for a country picnic. If you rest and receive treatment in “Vernygora” you can spend time in comfortable summer houses with chargrills for 8 to 12 people and use all the necessary picnic equipment.