Truskavets, Modrychi
Drohobych district
Lviv Region

About Us

Due to miraculous mineral waters and variety of recreational health centers Truskavets is considered to be one of the most interesting tourism and recreation places of our country. Curable qualities of local mineral waters are highly valued for a long time either in Ukraine and abroad.

Hotel complex Vernygora is situated close to the mineral sources of Truskavets. In our secluded hotel in pine forest you can relax with soul and body and completely forget about daily problems and city rush.
We offer our guests the top level service. In Vernygora you won’t worry about anything – our highly qualified staff will arrange a careless vacation for you. Here you will stay in up to date rooms, enjoy delicious dishes in our restaurant, relax near the pool or in spa center and take delight in breathing clear forest air.

Our guests have an opportunity to be examined and treated by Vernygora`s doctors. Here we have only highly qualified specialists who will hold complete diagnostics of your body and subscribe corresponding course of treatment for you. Mineral waters well-room, fresh forest air, and if required dietetic nutrition will promote the treatment.
Specially for our guests we have a well-room with three unique Truskavets mineral waters – Naftusya, Sofia, and Maria. For example, Naftusya combines four times more organic substances than in analogous mineral waters of European resorts.

It should also be emphasized that Vernygora is a perfect place for family vacation with kids. We offer a variety of entertainment both for babies and older children. In the restaurant you can easily choose food for your child.